Growth and height of the human depend on some factors that we try to talk about the most important items:

1/Genetic: When both of the parents are tall so we expect that children will be tall (If other factors get ready).

2/Hormonal factors: One of the most important factors in the growth is the HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE (HGH).

-Some factors affect the production of HGH:

A/ Loose body fat.

B/ Sugar intake: High insulin level decrease the level of HGH so Diabetic patients have shorter height. The insulin level decrease 2-3 hours after eating so we can understand that fasting increase the level of HGH.

-For increasing the level of HGH by fasting we suggest intermittent fasting (Limit your eating to 500-600 calories 2 days per week).

C/High intensity exercise rise the level of HGH.

D/Adequate and deep sleeping increase the level of HGH so some supplements that improve our sleep such as, Melatonin and GABA are effective in release of HGH.

E/ High doses of Argenine boost release of HGH.

F/ Taking of Alanine before workout increases the number of repetitions and with this mechanism help to the release of HGH.

3/ Nutritional factors: For the bone formation and growth some vitamins and supplements are essentials:

-Calcium is the essential factor in the bone formation and in the absence of calcium no growth occurs.

-Vitamin D: For absorption of calcium from kidneys and gastrointestinal tract we need Vitamin D. In Canada everybody in the Fall and Winter need to supplementary vitamin D.

-The body growth highly depends on Iron and Zinc.

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