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Every week we update you with a specific type of drugs and vaccinations and we will try to answer your question on this site as fast as possible.

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St Georges Pharmacy offers edible and topical compounding services for/with:



These are personalized services around medication use ...

Female Getting Vaccination

Immunization & Vaccination

St Georges pharmacists have on-site vaccination by registered ...

Family At The Airport

Newcomers & PharmaCare

All related services that be provided for New commers & patients ...

Injections and Oral Medicines

Free Delivery

We would be pleased to have your medication or prescriptions ...

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We provide many different services based on your situation

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We provide consultation about

Back pain belt

Braces & Body Belts

The brace is a device that is fitted to a particular ...

Natural health food

Natural Health & OTC

Many OTC & Natural Health Products ...

Compression Lymphedema Therapy

Compression & Lymphedema Therapy

Compression Stockings help to prevent and treat certain ...


Telemedicine & Telehealth

Due to recent changes in healthcare during these years ...

Pet cat medication

Pet Med & Pet Compounding

Today's veterinarians work closely with compounding pharmacies ...

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health care


Health care

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