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  • Medical review: Some patients take more than 5 medications so we try to guide them about side effects and interactions of drugs and find a solution for resolving their problems.
  • Advice for non-chemical drugs and their effects: Some patients don’t like to start chemical drugs at first of treatment, so we offer them non-chemical drugs and their effects on the body and their interaction with other drugs.
  • Price match guarantee: We offer incredible prices for OTC and prescriptions. We try to treat the patients with the best acceptable price and services.
  • We offer a discount for OTC drugs, vitamins, and non-chemical drugs, especially for loyal customers.
  • Free drug delivery: Some patients are on a rush or they can’t stay in the pharmacy for prescriptions so we can do free delivery for them. 
  • Free blister pack: Some patients are polypharmacy so we can provide them blister pack for free, with this strategy they don’t forget to take their drugs without any extra payment. 
  • Vaccination: We offer some vaccines such as flu, travel vaccines, shingles vaccine and… With attention to your age and condition, we suggest you the most appropriate vaccine.
  •  Free consultation: We are ready to consult about your prescription and OTC drugs for free and if you are busy and you can’t come to the store please place your question in the site and we will reply you as fast as possible.
  •  Sports and braces: After most musculoskeletal injuries or painful conditions we need braces and supporting devices for immobilization of the painful regions. We can help you to choose the best braces according to your condition.
  •  Compression garments: Some patients have vascular problems and we can offer them compression stock with good sizes and prices.
  • Diabetic services: 1% of the population have diabetes Mellitus and we offer many ways for prevention from complications of this disease
  •  Smoke cessation programs: This program is free for all customers.
  •  Medications take back: We can dispose of your expired and unused medications (prescriptions, OTC drugs, and natural health products) at no cost.

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